RANIA CHAMOUN: raniachamoun@joyreign.com

JOYCE CHAMOUN: joychamoun@joyreign.com

“Every woman is a queen, wearing an invisible crown”

 The unbreakable relationship between a mother and her daughter is the foundation and inspiration of JoyReign.

JoyReign is a company founded by mother-daughter duo, Rania and Joyce Chamoun with the intention to make wholesale prices available to all queens. It is a branch of Chamoun’s Jewelry Inc., a business that found home in Downtown L.A. since 1980. As a branch of an over thirty year old business, JoyReign is well acquainted with manufacturers across the globe and in LA allowing the elimination of middlemen. The brand focuses on delivering pieces which makes  statement but can also effortlessly transition from day to evening and perfect for all ages, daughters, or mothers.

Rania and Joyce come from a Middle-Eastern background where jewelry is central to life, specifically the tradition of passing jewelery down from generation to generation. Every piece of jewelry is the beginning of a story that can be passed down, like a crown, making it as meaningful to the giver as the receiver. This being known, we empower women to continue telling stories by investing in gold and diamonds rather than novelties with unstable values. 

Rania is a proud mother of three kids. She was born and raised in Lebanon. She was a law student when she met her husband George and moved to L.A. in 1994, currently residing in Beverly Hills. Being around her husband’s business and passion for jewelry was contagious enough to catalyze her own  journey with design, production and sales. She started designing her own pieces and extending this passion to help her friends and family members. She also gained experience attending and exhibiting  to international jewelry shows and working by him in the wholesale business. She graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in 2014.

Joyce’s passion for jewelry runs deep in her family,with both her grandparents being in the industry. Coming from a bloodline of jewelry she was always uncontrollably drawn to the jewelry  that the women around her adorned and watched the sales operation and the production at her dad’s office. Her earliest memories include going through her moms collection and finding her grandmas hidden jewelry making each piece seem like a novelty, until she discovered her innate talent for designing at the age of 12. She dreams in shapes and styles and enjoys making her dream become a reality. Joyce currently studies at The University of Southern California at the Annenberg School with a minor in business. She continues to devotes most of her free time at the company’s atelier in Downtown L.A., where she finds herself at home.

Jewelry is simply a celebration. So, we invite you to join a dynasty that celebrates the joy of everyday life and the reality that every woman is a reigning queen.